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Cutting-Edge Transplant Procedure Offers Hope for Those Suffering from Parathyroid Issues.

Revolutionize your approach to treating permanent hypoparathyroidism with Parathyroid Transplantation. Classified under organ transplants, this method ensures swift, side-effect-free results. Not only is it a cost-effective solution, but it also boasts long-term effectiveness, sometimes for a lifetime. Unlike other organ transplants, there’s no need for immune system-suppressing drugs, making it a crucial and convenient treatment option.

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The exclusive global hub for parathyroid transplantation in a multidisciplinary hospital. Our healthcare provider partner pioneering approach, led by a leader in Parathyroid Transplantation in Turkey, offers swift, side-effect-free treatment for permanent hypoparathyroidism. As the Ministry of Health licensed hospital, we ensure cost-effective, long-term relief without the need for immune-suppressing drugs after transplantation.

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Benefits Include:

Regain Hormonal Balance

Minimize Health Risks

Experience Life-Time Relief

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Immune System Friendly

Cost-Effective Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a parathyroid transplant?

A parathyroid transplant mirrors an organ transplant process, yet with unique nuances due to the gland’s small size. Two primary techniques are employed:

  1. Tissue type transplant: Involves transplanting intact tissue while preserving its original anatomical structure.
  2. Cell type transplant: Involves breaking down tissue into cells, suspending them in a specialized solution for transportation.

Who qualifies for parathyroid transplantation?

This procedure is exclusive to individuals diagnosed with ‘permanent hypoparathyroidism.’

What defines permanent hypoparathyroidism?

It’s characterized by persistently low blood calcium and parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels for over six months, leading to symptoms like muscle spasms, weakness, tremors, and fatigue.

Are there alternatives to transplantation for permanent hypoparathyroidism?

Two alternatives exist:

  1. Conventional Therapy: Involves lifelong use of calcium and vitamin D supplements. Prolonged use may cause stomach ulcers, kidney accumulation, and damage. It offers temporary relief without curing the condition.
  2. Recombinant Parathormone Therapy: Lab-produced PTH administered via subcutaneous injections, akin to insulin for diabetes. It’s more effective with fewer side effects but comes at a higher cost. Not locally available, sourced internationally, and may be reimbursed by SSI.

What's the link between thyroid surgery and parathyroid transplantation?

Thyroid surgery, notably for goiter, is widespread globally and in Turkey. Due to the thyroid’s proximity to vital structures like vocal nerves, parathyroid glands, and the carotid artery, it’s a complex and delicate procedure. The parathyroid glands, small and nestled behind the thyroid, can inadvertently be damaged or removed during thyroid surgery, though this is rare. However, if this occurs, it can lead to serious complications, necessitating lifelong medication or, in severe cases, parathyroid transplantation as the only permanent remedy.

Is there an age restriction for transplantation?

No, there isn’t. Transplantation for permanent hypoparathyroidism is viable at any age once diagnosed.

How is the parathyroid transplant conducted?

Parathyroid transplantation is performed using two types (tissue type transplant and cell type transplant).

These tissues or cells are given to the patient in one of two ways:

  • Intramuscular injection.
  • Injection into the omentum.

Parathyroid transplant is an intramuscular injection. The patient does not enter the operation room, without anesthesia and no incision is made. The parathyroid cells were previously taken from the donor. The cells are prepared for transplantation under special and sterile laboratory conditions. Cells are put into a standard injector in a special liquid of 2ml and injected into the patient’s arm or abdominal muscles. This process is performed at the patient’s bedside, not in the operation room and takes only a few seconds. After the procedure, the patient is observed for a few hours and then discharged on the same day. medications that suppress the body’s defense system (immunosuppressant drugs) are not used after the procedure.

What post-transplant care should the patient consider?

After a two-day hospital stay with intravenous cortisone administration, the patient is discharged on the third day. There’s no specific diet or restrictions, except avoiding overexertion. It may take months for the transplanted cells to function fully, requiring regular blood tests every 10 days. Pre-transplant medications are gradually reduced.

Regarding transplant success and risks:

Transplant success varies due to factors like donor/recipient age, cell surface antigens, immune system strength, and lab techniques. Unlike other organ transplants, an unsuccessful parathyroid transplant doesn’t demand organ removal. If unsuccessful, the body’s defense system destroys transplanted cells without side effects or need for surgical intervention.

Is it possible to undergo multiple transplants?

Absolutely. Whether the initial transplant was successful and the cells lose function over time or if the first transplant was unsuccessful, patients can undergo subsequent transplantation procedures.

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Parathyroid Transplant

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One of Ibrahim's standout qualities is his proficiency in communication. Being fluent in the local language, he effortlessly liaised with hospital staff, ensuring that all aspects of my surgery appointment were well-coordinated and stress-free. His ability to bridge the gap between different cultures was truly invaluable, making the entire medical process feel more familiar and understandable, especially for someone navigating the Turkish medical system for the first time.

Beyond his role as a medical travel agent, Ibrahim exceeded expectations by assuming the role of a knowledgeable and friendly tourist guide. Istanbul is a city with a rich history and breathtaking sights, and Ibrahim proved to have a genuine interest in sharing not only the tourist attractions but also the intricacies of Turkish culture and religious practices. His explanations were not only informative but also deeply respectful, offering me a more profound understanding of the city and its people.

What makes Ibrahim exceptional is his passion for going above and beyond. He doesn't just facilitate medical journeys; he crafts unforgettable experiences. His friendly demeanor, attention to detail, and dedication to his clients set him apart. It is clear that his clients are very important to him and their health, well-being, and safety are his top priorities.

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